Looking to earn more than you do?

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Are you going to leave University with a £50,000 debt around your neck? That is average debt upon graduation in England and it needs to be repaid. A business can help you reduce your reliance on loans, provide real world experience and help you develop skills and be a team player. This will give you a marketable advantage when you have to become self-reliant in the business community.

Everyone knows how much we give up for our children but should we give up on ourselves? Stay at home parents can give up their careers, their friends, their self worth and self respect, sometimes for many years. Why not have a part-time home business that not only gives an additional income but a

Do you get paid well but have no time to spend it or be with your family? Modern professionals are spending more and more time at work, unpaid, because it is “expected” and companies are benefiting from the saving on salaries. Once upon a time people worked for one company their entire working life but now it is only for around 5 years. There is little commitment from either staff or the companies to staff. This makes little sense but to advance a career a move to another company is the preferred way. So why not work for yourself instead of others, getting paid what you deserve and having  more time to do the things you enjoy?

Is your life limited because you are stuck on minimum wage? Currently the minimum wage is £7.83 for over 25s in the UK. (£5.90 for over 18s). Even if you can get a full time job, which is getting harder, a 35 hour week will only provide £274.05 before deductions. Without government benefits this is £11,750 below the average wage. Is this what you deserve and what you are really worth? Why not start a business that can not only increase your income but also change your life so much that your friends and families will see a new more confident you.

retired.jpgIs the State Pension going to give you the life you deserve? At present the State Pension is just £8546 per year and the average time that men and women in the UK will live after retirement is 18.5 years and 20.9 years respectively. Your State Pension may be supplemented by private pensions, income from assets or from savings. All of these require the “spending of money” during your working life so reducing your standard of living. Running a home business is the ultimate way to supplement your pension and giving you the ability to enjoy your life whether it be travel, spending time with the family or even being able to afford to stay warm.